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David & Marya Sherron have been married for 12 years and have two sons. Their oldest, Trive’ is a freshman at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix studying digital animation. Their youngest, Dylan, is 9 and enjoys drawing. They also have two dogs, Apostle & Cannan. David & Marya live on the northeast side of Indianapolis.

Marya holds degrees and certification in Black American Studies (BA, University of Michigan), MA/MFA in Black Literature & Creative Writing (MFA, Columbia College). Marya is a certified Racial ConciliationⓇ presenter and Cultural DiversityⓇ trainer.

Family, Faith, and the Future; Testify!

Marya P. Sherron is a multi-award winning educator, public speaker, author, cultual diversity specialist, human trafficking awareness advocate, licenced 6-12 Language Arts teacher, Certified Master Facilitator, Education Equity advocate, and mentor. In a word, Marya is driven by freedom! Her passion to help others break free from real and perceived oppressive strongholds guides Marya’s past and present work.