Marya Sherron

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Marya Sherron, Consultant

Speaker, Writer, Diversity and Inclusion Trainer, Autism Awareness & All Things Right Advocate

Are you planning an event and need a keynote speaker or training facilitator for your youth, staff, or ladies retreat?  Contact me to discuss your vision and goals.

Weather it’s addressing educators, administrators, or a spiritual retreat, I am deliberate about motivating, challenging, and calling my audience to go deeper.  

If you want to stretch and grow your team, draw them closer together, and welcome a facilitator that will ask the hard questions and leave your group stronger, focused, and inspired...let's get to work!

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Tel: (317) 441-9855

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Popular Talks

1. The Color of Love (faith-based)
2. Starting Over: The Art of Embracing Closed Doors
3. Lessons for Women by Women (faith-based)
4. Playing in the Dirt
5. Where My Girls At?!
6. Young, Black, and Gifted

About Marya

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Marya is a...









Wife, Mother, Daughter, and Sister


Marya believes...

in hope, kindness, and daily affirmations

That God is real, loving, and ever-present.

in asking questions and entertaining what ifs

That people are mostly good; don't give up.

in seeking to understand others as a way of life

That education is a right for all.

in fighting for what is right even if it doesn't benefit you

That culture is rich, exciting, and unique.

in taking the time to learn about people different than myself

That taking meals to friends in need is edible compassion.

in listening more and talking less and learning which to do when is wisdom

That saying goodbye is hard.

in dealing with the hurt of loss by choosing to be grateful for the gift of time

That our youth need us.

in speaking life and healing, encouraging words

That there is a time to walk away from a relationship. 

in setting boundaries and saying no are necessary

That patience can be beautiful.